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Jumbo emplyee Menno is sailing the world

A blog about sailing on the Jumbo page? What does that has to do with heavy lift? You might think not much, but if you look closer you will see all sorts of similarities.

The last two months me and my girlfriend have sailed our 30ft boat to Portugal. The first part in our 2 year voyage we hope to end in New Zealand.  The prepartions for the voyage started in March, as it took a while to change our little weekend equiped boat into a blue water sailing lady. End of June we set sail and turned her bow to the South on our way to a long summer.

Just a year ago being a project engineer for Jumbo I found myself working on all sorts of plans for stowage and seafastening. Favorable stowage minimizing handling time in harbours and keeping an eye on weights and stability while sailing. Taking in account available waterdepth for loading operations, accelerations during sailing, forces acting on vessel and cargo that might occur.

Believe it or not but on our little boat I am doing the same. We take as much equipment, water, diesel, food and spare parts as we can. But not more than we need! How safe would a overloaded sailboat be when it faces a storm at sea? How fast will it sail in a light wind? How comfortable will it behave when the sea is a bit choppy? We stow stuff we need most where it's easy to grab. Everything is seafastened in boxes, lockers, strapped or bolted to the boat, in order to prevent everything from flying around or even overboard. Always bearing safety in mind, we even walk on deck attached to the boat by a leash!

We plan our routes to the next harbour or bay carefully. Check weather, currents, high and low water, plan our route in waypoints. When conditions are unfavorable to continue we wait. Try to save some money by anchoring whenever possible. Do maintenance. I have never sailed on a Jumbo vessel but can imagine life on board might be similar.

Why do it for fun? It might sound demanding to take all this and more in account, it's rather a complicated way to go from A to B! Well, we already experience the contrary is true! Days of hard work and set backs are accompanied by days of joy and fulfillment. Bad luck is soon forgotten anchored in a beautifull bay watching the sun go down from your hammock.. Things find their place, we start to find routine in our life on board. We have everything we need with us and are ready for the next challenge, longer passages at sea.. Our next leg is to Madeira, then the Canary Islands and in mid winter we intend to cross the Atlantic on our way to Panama.

We will keep our eyes open for dark blue vessels, with their superstructure in front and big yellow cranes. Who knows.. Maybe we meet out there!

Wish you fair winds and bon voyage,

(Aboard SY Windover II)

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