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Back in the late 1950's when the container and the pallet were the most remarkable innovations in ocean transportation, Jumbo's founding father had a more insightful vision. He developed a concept to handle those pieces which did not fit into a container or on a pallet.

Until that time, heavy lift cargo was carried using whatever equipment was available – and often as an afterthought. Jumbo's founder had an idea for something better. He saw the opportunity to address a virtually untapped and emerging market and this vision led him to focus on the needs of the heavy lift transport industry.

The first mv Stellaprima was the result. The Stellaprima, and its four, 12-ton derricks, was a remarkable innovation for her time. From that moment on, in 1968, Jumbo became a pioneer in the heavy lift shipping industry.

Jumbo was founded on this desire to sail against the stream of current trends and find a better course. That same, forward-thinking, future focus was in place throughout the growth of the company. Every few years, a new class of better, stronger, safer and more efficient vessels were added to Jumbo's fleet. Technological developments in each class ranged from evolutionary necessities to revolutionary advancements and, during this time, Jumbo engineers have invented numerous heavy lift features, which today have become industry standards.

Beginning with the original A-class through to Jumbo's current flagship, the J-class, with a lift capacity of up to 1,800 tons, Jumbo remains true to its founding principles: Success comes from looking beyond the needs of today, into the possibilities of tomorrow.

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Jumbo Employees looking over a stowage plan


Engineering and safety awareness stand at the forefront of a reliable operation. This is why Jumbo has invested - and continues to invest - in the latest state of the art engineering methods, software and equipment.

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Jumbo makes every effort to offer the best service to its customers, a service which is reliable, safe and cost effective. To achieve this, we are constantly working to improve our own performance.

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Launch K3000 vessel Fairmaster


These movies will give you an idea on what kind of projects Jumbo executes, the atmosphere onboard and in the office and the kind of vessels Jumbo operates.

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Jumbo Head Office

Legal Information

Our legal information page provides information related to Jumbo’s policies including our email disclaimer, purchasing terms & conditions, copyright notice, and privacy statement and cookie notice.

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