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Jumbo operates to the very highest safety standards. We recognize that this is a high-risk business so everyone at Jumbo, whether on, or offshore, is focused on safety.

The heavy lift and offshore industry rightly demands stringent safety procedures. Jumbo readily meets these demands and even takes them a step further.

Our health and safety policy goes above and beyond implementing the latest regulations. Jumbo has operated its very own health and safety initiative since 2005, which is known as the “Stay Well” program.

Stay Well Program

At Jumbo we strongly believe that all accidents can be prevented. It is because of this belief that Jumbo’s safety policy goes above and beyond mere implementation of the latest standards. In 2005 we pioneered our very own Health & Safety initiative that is known as the “Stay Well” program. This innovative approach is unique in the heavy lift shipping industry. Stay Well is a broad-ranging program which means that safety awareness is ingrained into the DNA of our employees.

The Jumbo culture is a very transparent one. We encourage employees to participate and make suggestions that can improve safety or reduce harm to the environment. Employees are also expected to intervene if they see a potentially unsafe situation and they are required to stop work if they feel in any way unsafe.


Jumbo would like to share the following corporate policies.

Jumbo strives for continuous improvement in everything it does. Please read all about this in our Quality Policy.

Jumbo wants to show employees, customers, owners and the public that we continuously operate with the greatest respect for safety and health consideration. Jumbo is also committed to prevent pollution and reducing the environmental impact of our activities to levels as low as reasonably achievable by setting realistic goals and by constantly monitoring our progress against these goals. We will continuously assess our environmental performance and we will identify and address areas of improvement for each individual vessel in our fleet. Read our Health, Safety and Environment Policy.


Our procedures are checked and audited by internal and external authorities on a regular basis, both on and offshore. Jumbo is proud to have received a number of internationally recognised certificates.

ISO 9001 2015


International Safety Management Code of Compliance (ISM Code)