Stellaprima is in service since 1990. Her redesigned hull consists of a shallow draft and large hold. Features that were regarded innovative in 1990 and still are today. Stellaprima is fitted with a 250t and a 400t revolving Huisman mast crane. When used in tandem, they can lift up to 650 tons.

Jumbo Heavy lift vessel Stellaprima with power generation equipment onboard


Stellaprima is Jumbo’s E-class HLV, fitted with one 250t crane and one 400t crane. They have a combined lifting capacity of 650t.

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Jumbo Heavy lift vessel Fairpartner transporting a Goliath Kone Crane

Shipping Fleet

Jumbo operates a fleet of specialised heavy lift vessels with lifting capacities ranging from 650 to 3,000 tonnes.

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Stella Synergy

Offshore Fleet

Our DP2 Heavy Lift Crane Vessels offer high transit speed, large cargo capacity and dual-crane lifting capability (2 x 900t).

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