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Pierce Field Lifetime Extension

By September 21, 2017April 4th, 2022No Comments

Pierce Field Lifetime Extension


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Replacement of Haewene Brim FSPO Mooring System

The existing mooring system of the Bluewater owned FPSO Haewene Brim had to be replaced as part of an ongoing lifetime extension program. Jumbo’s scope of work for this extremely short-track project consisted of the Transport and Installation of 8-off anchor piles coming from Germany and driven in the seabed in the Pierce fi eld (offshore Aberdeen) including installation and pretensioning of 8-off bottom chain segments (200t tension at seabed). Finally, 5-off Spiral Strand Wires had to be connected to 5-off bottom chain segments and abandoned on the seabed.

Download the Pierce Field Lifetime Extension project specifications.

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