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A technical symposium on the challenges of the maritime industry

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A technical symposium on the challenges of the maritime industry

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We are proud to have sponsored the recent Marine Technology Symposium organized by the talented SG William Froude. Themed ‘Change of Course’, this event brought together students, academics, and industry leaders for a full day of insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

The symposium began with enlightening lectures on the advancements in AI, setting the tone for a day dedicated to exploring technical advancements and their impact on the maritime industry. In the field of AI in maritime technology, numerous opportunities were shown, while also emphasizing the limitations.

technical symposium challenges maritime industry

Afterwards, our COO Maarten Vink shared the stage with a panel of industry experts Annet Koster (KNVR), Richard Keulen (Damen Naval), Frank Bekkers (HCSS), and Marius Ottolini (Heerema) to discuss the geopolitical threats facing the (Dutch) shipbuilding and shipping industry. The panel emphasized the crucial role of technical students and practical personnel in keeping the Dutch maritime industry strong, highlighting the need to inspire enthusiasm for engineering.

technical symposium challenges maritime industry

Maarten Vink, COO at Jumbo Maritime during the panel discussion

The program concluded with a new panel which focused on the use of renewable fuels for shipping. Current obstacles were challenged, as the participants dove into the technical feasibility of alternative fuels. Numerous options were discussed, each with its own challenges, underscoring the complexity and potential of sustainable shipping solutions. The consensus was positive. With continuing scientific advancements, the industry can make impactful changes to move towards a net-zero future.

technical symposium challenges maritime industry

This event, primarily aimed at students, also attracted numerous industry professionals, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and innovations.

“At Jumbo Maritime, we are passionate about supporting the next generation of maritime professionals and driving forward the industry's future. By participating in events like this symposium, we continue to strengthen our commitment to innovation and collaboration within the maritime community.”

Jumbo Maritime

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