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Internship Fleet

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Internship Fleet

Are you looking for an internship at an innovative shipping company and offshore contractor?

Jumbo has several possibilities for interns at our Headquarters in Schiedam and on board our vessels. During your internship or graduation project you will get the opportunity to learn from professionals. You will gain experience and get to know the Jumbo organization. At the same time it gives Jumbo a chance to learn from you and get to know you better, which might result in a labor contract after your graduation.

The Apprentice will be part of the vessels crew and reports to the Captain.

Internship on board of one of our vessels

When you are looking for an internship on board one of our vessels as a Maritime Officer…

Note: Applications for Internship starting Feb 2024 and Aug 2024 were closed.

  • Starting Feb 2025, the deadline for applying is 1 Sep 2024.

Applications received on 2 Sep 2024 or later will not be evaluated.

  • Starting August 2025, the deadline for applying is 31 Oct 2024.

Applications received on 1 Nov 2024 or later will not be evaluated.

If you are interested in an internship on board our vessels as a Maritime Officer, please fill out the application form. You can find this application form when you scroll down, at the bottom of this page.


Click the button below to go to the application form.




    What is your name?

    Where are you living?

    Date of birth

    What is your nationality?

    What is your gender?

    What education are you following?

    What school are you attending?

    When does your internship start?

    How can we stay in contact?

    Please upload your Curriculum Vitae (in English)

    And your motivation (in English)

    Anything else?

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