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Jumbo completes installation of EnQuest Producer FPSO

The FPSO mooring system was earlier installed by Jumbo’s HLCV Fairplayer.
With the FPSO installation last month, Jumbo has now completed the Alma/Galia Project for EnQuest.

FPSO Installation Scope

EnQuest Producer FPSO was towed from Port of Tyne to the Alma/Galia field. In the field, the FPSO was positioned above the mooring, the chains were retrieved from the seabed and hooked into the FPSO. Once all mooring lines were connected, all chains needed to be tensioned to bring the FPSO in final position. Thereafter the excess chain, rigging and installation aids were removed. After completion, Jumbo has been requested to further assist with the infield hook-up of subsea risers.


EnQuest Alma/Galia

Alma / Galia represents EnQuest’s first new hub development:
A project of significant scale that reflects many of EnQuest’s values.


First oil from the development is scheduled for mid-2015. The project is revitalizing the UK North Sea’s first producing field – Argyll – and highlights the ability to redevelop economically viable solutions for mature North Sea assets.



Attached pictures:

  • Connecting of second bow tug for towing to field
  • Connecting of mooring chain to forerunner chain
  • Heading control tugs in action, seen from the forward section of the FPSO
  • DSV alongside the FPSO preparing for dive operations



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