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Jumbo makes every effort to offer the best service to its customers, a service which is reliable, safe and cost effective. To achieve this, we are constantly working to improve our own performance. Therefore in 2011, we started the Jumbo Innovation Program. This program has two major aims; to develop innovative transport and installation solutions and to continuously advance Jumbo's reliability, safety and cost effectiveness.

The starting point of any innovation is a good idea, followed by a solid process to bring it to reality. Hence, the Innovation Program is executed by a dedicated R&D team that continuously gathers and evaluates ideas. The most promising ideas are then put forward as possible applications. A company-wide involvement in this process and (if applicable) client participation leads to the unveiling of innovations.

This program builds on a long history of Jumbo innovations that have shaped the heavy lift shipping market and added a new perspective to offshore installation. Examples from the recent and more distant past include the following:

  • Record breaking heavy lift capacity by shallow draught vessels with flush decks
  • State-of-the-art training centre for crane operators
  • Heavy lift transport vessels that can be modified into efficient offshore installation vessels, incorporating DP and modular appliances such as an accommodation unit and a Deepwater Deployment System
  • Deepwater Deployment System enabling the cranes to lower loads to 3,000m water depth without the need for wet handshakes.

With its historical roots and strong connection to operational reality the Jumbo Innovation Program will ensure that we continue to provide optimal added value to our clients.

Click this link for the Jumbo Innovation blog.

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