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My Internship at Jumbo

Impressive, fun, educational. These three words describe my internship at Jumbo. My first steps into the world of working. I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit nervous. But after the first 5 minutes of my first day I felt at ease and welcome. Jumbo is a great company. Everybody was very helpful, nice and able.

I am in the 4th year of my Havo bilingual education at De Willem van Oranje in Oud-Beijerland. This year I had to do an internship at an international company. I got in contact with Jumbo through my mother, who works for one of the IT suppliers. So when I asked my mother if she knew a company to do my internship, the first thing she said was….. Why don’t you try to do it at Jumbo.

I asked Ralph Jansen, Application Manager, if it was possible to do my internship at Jumbo. He luckily came back to me with a positive reply. The next step was to define the goal of my internship. After finishing the Havo I would like to study Business Studies at the Hogeschool InHolland Rotterdam. Because of this I asked Ralph if he could plan my internship in a way that I would get a good understanding of how a big international company functions.

29 April started great. I visited the Fairpartner vessel that was in the Rotterdam harbour. By visiting the vessel, I got a good image of the final service that Jumbo provides and how all the work done in the office comes together. I went to the Fairpartner with two of Ralph’s colleagues who work at the IT department. I met them at the office and we drove to the harbour together.

Ralph gave me safety clothing. This wasn’t really my size, I figuratively drowned in it. But it served its purpose. And of course, I made sure that all my papers and certificates were correct. Entering the vessel was a piece of cake. That didn’t count for the physical part of entering the vessel. There were endless amounts of stairs to get to the bridge.

My second day started off with an adventure with public transportation. I had never travelled with public transportation before. The first part of my journey went very smooth. But then I had to find the shuttle bus to get from the train station to Jumbo. After asking about 4 bus drivers, calling Ralph, considering taking a cab and finally taking another bus (because it was past 10 am and the shuttle had stopped driving) that went to somewhere near the office I arrived about 30 minutes late.

At least I was in time for my talk with Wietske Hopstaken. She would explain to me the basics of the Jumbo company. Last minute the Vice President of the Commerce Shipping department, Aart van der Wal, stepped in and we had a very inspiring conversation. My perspective of Jumbo has become more complete.

Then it was time for my appointment with Ralph. He told me lots of things about the IT department. The thing I found the most interesting was the innovation part. His vision is to make Jumbo unique in a very big market with a lot of competition. A great example of this is the Jumbo HoloLens Deckmarking App.

Luckily, I am a quick learner, so commuting went way better for the rest of the week. The following days I talked to employees of the departments engineering, operations, communications, fleet, QHSE, purchasing, HR/Crewing, Finance and the concierge.

Thank you Jumbo, for giving me the chance to experience what it feels like to work. I learned a great deal from this. It was also much more fun than I could have ever expected. This week has made me more prepared for the HBO study I am planning on doing after my Havo and it has given me a clearer image of what I would like to do in the future. Since this was my goal for this internship I would say that it was a massive success.

Youri van der Pol


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