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On this page you’ll find all blog posts related to Jumbo’s Yunlin project.

What’s it about? In 2019, Jumbo secured the long-term contract for the transportation and installation of wind turbine substructures for the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan.
This series of blogs will take a closer look at the various elements of this extensive and interesting T&I project, told from the viewpoint of a broad scope of people taking part in it.

Yunlin Blog - Engineering transport solutions

YUNLIN BLOG - Engineering transport solutions

21 Sep 2020 - Rob Groeneveld, Lead Engineer, talks about the engineering side of transporting 200 heavy lift cargoes to Taiwan and coordinating the engineering works of Jumbo’s subcontractors.

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Michiel Suijkerland - Project Manager Shipping & Fabrication

Yunlin Blog nr. 1

01 Sep 2020 - Michiel Suijkerland, Project Manager Shipping & Fabrication, talks about the project management, planning and project details involved in this biggest Jumbo project ever.

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