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01 Sep 2020 - Delivering the whole transport and installation package

Talking to Jumbo’s Yunlin Blog, Project Manager Shipping & Fabrication Michiel Suijkerland says that the Yunlin contract is demonstrating Jumbo’s capacity to take its project management and logistics skills to the next level. 

How significant is the Yunlin project to Jumbo?
Very significant. Yunlin is our biggest project yet, in terms of both contract value and amount of components. For example, the 40 monopiles, 120 monopile sections and 40 transition pieces that we are currently transporting to Taiwan weigh approximately 125,000 tons.

Your role is the project management of fabrication and transport. What does that involve?
What’s interesting about the Yunlin project is that it is not just about cargo transport. A major part is the fabrication of sea-fastening supports such as cradles, grillages and load spreading beams – all weighing in at around 7,500 tons. We need these to safely transport the monopiles and transition pieces to Taiwan. The logistics of this fabrication is especially crucial. We are using multiple steel fabrication companies at once. Building in parallel like this increases the output as well as spreading the risk.

How are you organising the transport?
We are transporting everything within 10 months, using six of our own vessels and 12 chartered vessels, all complying with the same DNV-GL regulations. This consists of 21 transport voyages to Taiwan and four or five logistics voyages to bring the sea-fastening materials back to Europe. If we assume that each voyage requires three port calls each, this means that we will be making roughly 75 port calls in 10 months. It’s a relentless and continuous stream of loading and discharging activities. As we speak, we have one vessel in Eemshaven [NL], one vessel in Nordenham [DE], one discharging in Taiwan, and one preparing for discharging tomorrow.

Can this get stressful?
From a transport perspective, it all comes down to the planning. Therefore, although this is our biggest project to date, this is nothing new for Jumbo. The full throttle cycle of logistics that we are on, working our way through the entire transport plan, does sometimes feel like we are on a train going 300 miles per hour. Hence we went for solid and proven methods. We have a good team, and together we make sure that we keep the processes reliable and redundant. 

One final question – how would you define Jumbo’s participation in the Yunlin project?
It demonstrates that we have the experience, skills and capacity to handle such a sizeable project. Rather than being just part of the solution, we are delivering the whole transport and installation package.

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