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YUNLIN BLOG – wpd Project Coordinator Offshore

03 Feb 2021 – Coordinating Yunlin’s transport and installation teams

wpd Project Coordinator Dorothee Ellerhorst’s responsibilities in the Yunlin offshore wind farm project are extensive. Here, she shares a snapshot of her role in this demanding position. 

Yunlin is a 640MW offshore wind farm under construction off the coast of Taiwan. It is being developed by German onshore and offshore wind farm operator wpd, the Starwind Offshore consortium and Greenwing Energy. Jumbo was contracted to execute the transportation and (part of) the installation of Yunlin’s wind turbine substructures. This series of Blogs takes a closer look the work involved.

Before we start talking about Yunlin, can you give us a brief introduction to wpd?
wpd is a developer and operator of renewable energy supplies: onshore and offshore wind farms and solar parks. We have more than 2,500 employees working in 25 countries around the world.

What are your responsibilities in the Yunlin offshore wind farm?
I am the project coordinator for the transport and installation of the Yunlin substructures – the monopiles and TPs. I would say that I am the assistant of the transport and installation team. I keep my eyes on the official documentation, communication and filings. I take all this input, and organise who needs to get this information. You could see me as an interface for our work packages in the Yunlin project.

It sounds like you have to juggle many balls in the air at the same time.
Yes, internal networking is very important. It can be challenging because a project like this has different phases; the responsibilities of the people involved change as the project progresses. Then in terms of external parties, I am project coordinator for up to four contract partners, depending on the phase of the project.

Jumbo is one of those four contractors. What is like working with Jumbo?
I joined the team in July 2019 and from the beginning, it was good to work together. Even now in winter, we speak every week – and during the installation phase, we will be talking every day. In general, working with Jumbo is smooth and uncomplicated. If we have a problem or a question, they come up with a solution. This makes things very comfortable. Their support in cooperating with various authorities is a good example of this.

Can you tell us something about the timeline of installation?
We are challenged by delays. Of course, we have big challenges related to coronavirus and our monopile installation is also unfortunately delayed. This is such a complex project – we have a huge vessel spread for installation and all these vessels have to be organised like a ballet. We are convinced that we will master all the challenges and finish the installation of substructures within this year.

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