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Mv Daniella transports 4 Liebherr cranes

Mv Daniella transports 4 Liebherr cranes. The cranes, each with a footprint of approximately 22m had to be placed on-board a single vessel 98m LOA, with deck space of 71m. Each of the cranes was lifted on-board using the Daniella’s dual mast cranes and then driven into stowage position once on deck.

The challenge was to position the cranes in such a way that the jibs, each of which was 58m in length, did not come into contact with each other. To prepare for this Liebherr and Jumbo co-operated very closely from the outset.

Once on-board wooden supports were placed underneath the cranes’ outriggers to provide a foothold and containers were used as stanchions for the jibs. Jumbo’s Enquiry Engineer, Coen de Rooij, who was present in Rostock and Antwerp said, “The close communications between Liebherr and ourselves ensured we had all the information we needed to plan the operation in great detail so that, when loading began, we were fully prepared and everything went smoothly.” The Daniella arrived in Equatorial Guinea on the 4th October and discharged all cargo at both destinations by the 11th. 

Time lapse footage of the project can be viewed here on YouTube

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