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Jumbo completes Ithacas Stella FPF1 mooring system

This September, Jumbo completed the mooring system pre-installation for the Greater Stella Area (GSA) development as main contractor for Ithaca Energy. Jumbo was managed by Costain Upstream, the subsea project management contractor for the GSA development. GSA is located in the Central North Sea, Central Graben Area. As planned, Jumbo’s Fairplayer completed, with assistance of the Olympic Hera, the offshore installation works in time and within budget.

Unique Installation Method

Jumbo’s unique installation methodology benefited the project through simplified logistics, saving critical time and reduced offshore interfaces. Fairplayer and Olympic Hera proved high workability in the Central North Sea.  The mooring system is comprised of the following main components:

  • 13 anchor piles        
  • 7 km of chain
  • 9.5 km of Spiral Strand Wire
  • Pre- tensioning of the mooring legs (> 180 Mton)


Mike Travis, Chief Developments Officer and Stella Asset Manager (Ithaca) states:

"Good planning, teamwork, communication and application of learnings are always hugely important and this is what we saw on this project […] Well done and we look forward to working with Jumbo again in the future”.


Jumbo’s Manager of Commerce Offshore, Roddy Lafontaine says:

“Again, I would like to sincerely thank Ithaca for the confidence placed in Jumbo. Today, I also would like to thank our own people for their operational excellence.  We have proven to be able to capitalize on our experience with good project results! Let’s do some more …”

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