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Jumbo transports two bulky accommodation modules

This April, Jumbo Javelin has transported two massive accommodation modules from Trogir (Croatia) to Limbe (Cameroon) in one go for Perenco Rio del Rey. There were several challenges for Jumbo engineers such as draft restriction in Trogir and the extremely small lifting clearance during the loading and unloading operations.

Jumbo Javelin regularly transports bulky and heavy cargo with its combined lifting capacity of 1,800 tons and a deck space of 3,100 square meters. The real challenge with this particular cargo was the extremely small lifting clearance of less than 0.5 meter. Extensive engineering was done to prepare the crew and the vessel for the loading and discharging of the two accommodation units.

The two accommodation modules are 4 storeys high and measure 20 meters by 30 meters, weighing more than 750ts together. A 3D study was conducted by Jumbo engineers to ascertain that both accommodation modules would fit on deck utilizing 3 lifting beams. The entire operation was carried out in accordance with the applicable GL Noble Denton rules.  

At the discharge port, the accommodation modules had to be directly placed on a jacked up oil rig in Cameroon. Due to limited lifting height and tidal restriction the rig was ballasted at a draft of 2.5m in the water. The distance between the jacked up oil rig and Jumbo Javelin had to be very precise in order to place the accommodation modules on the rig. A tailor made bumper system installed on the rig’s deck ensured that the accommodation blocks could be placed on their final supports.

Working together
The transport itself is the most visible part of the job. The preparation and engineering of this particular project, with such extremely small clearances and in a challenging environment is the real challenge. To overcome these together with the client and as team accomplish the successful and safe installation of both modules is most rewarding.


Weight of the modules without and with rigging:

Forward module:
511ts incl. 96ts rigging

Aft module:
451ts incl. 95ts rigging


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