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The Jumbo Fly Jib Story


Earlier this year the Jumbo Fly Jib was installed again for upcoming projects in 2017 and 2018.
Jumbo developed this revolutionary modular crane extension system a few years ago as an innovative adaptation of a land-based crane design, which dramatically increases the crane’s lifting height and outreach.

Advantages of using the Jumbo Fly Jib

The dismountable Fly Jib is interchangeable between our J-Class 1800 vessels and can be installed on either of the cranes.
The Fly Jib is built from modular segments, which can be transported using conventional tonnage and assembled prior to the heavy lift ship's arrival at the destination. It enables the combining of loading, transporting, discharging or installing of large modules with only one vessel.

Fly Jib Projects

In 2014 we completed the installation of 80 transition piece foundations for the Butendiek Offshore Wind Park Development project using the 700t Fly Jib in a 450t SWL configuration. The scope of work comprised the project management, engineering, inshore loading (Esbjerg), offshore transport and installation onto pre-installed Mono Piles of 80 Transition Pieces. Jumbo’s detailed scope also included the design and supply of all installation aids, lifting gear, grillages and sea fastenings. The increased lifting height offered by the Fly Jib helped Jumbo in installing the Transition Pieces with a length of 31m.

From early August to November 2017, the Jumbo Javelin deployed the Fly Jib again while completing a successful 75 day support campaign providing subsea umbilicals, risers and equipment to the Deep Orient for Technip at the Shell Prelude FLNG project in Australia. We were able to provide our long term client with essential additional lifting height by mounting the 16 meter Fly Jib on the vessels forward crane.

The Jumbo Javelin is now sailing to her next employment where the Fly Jib will lift two shiploaders and install them in their operating position at Aqaba. A job which would not be possible without the increased outreach of the Fly Jib.

Follow our Fly Jib on social media as it travels the world lifting cargo to greater heights!

Curious if the Fly Jib can assist your project? Please contact the Jumbo Shipping Team today.

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